Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Play Time

At six weeks old, Drew is more alert and starting to take in his surroundings.  I recently started putting him on the playmat to look at the toys and various colors.  He seems to like it!

You can only play for so long before getting tired though, huh?

Monday, March 12, 2012


Of course this post is overdue.  What can you expect from a new mom of two?  I had forgotten what a time-suck newborns are...feed me, hold me, change my diaper, wipe my spit-up.  Geez!

Just kidding.  :)

We celebrated Ava's birthday with friends and family a little over a week ago.  The purple party was a success and totally reaffirmed my thoughts that less is more when it comes to kids' parties.  All those decorations and balloons and fancy cakes are for the parents because the kids don't even notice!  (Never mind the fact that if I'd had the time, Ava's party would have included all of that...)

I did make cupcakes, we had grape Kool-Aid, which I promptly named Purple Drank (anyone get that?  anyone?!), purple plates and cups and napkins and a tablecloth, one game, prizes, presents, bounce house, DONE.  Ava enjoyed herself and I think the other girls did too.

"Prize" walk game...everyone wins!  (Hi, Claire)

I was actually able to enjoy myself at the party because there were plenty of family members to take care of Drew.  I'm not sure what I was worried about in the first place about Ava not getting enough attention and everyone acting like sharks around Drew.  It wasn't like that at all.  Maybe those thoughts and emotions were fueled by pregnancy hormones...

Uncle Matt!

This past weekend was much more low-key, filled with lots of playing dress up...

She also watched me put on my make-up and of course wanted some for herself.  After each application, she would ask, "You have sumpin' else for me?"

And finally, we ended the weekend with a visit to my mamaw, Ava and Drew's "big mamaw."  She was absolutely thrilled to meet Drew.  It was awesome!

Now I'm all caught up!  ...until the next round of pictures sit in my camera for a week or more. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Picture Drop-Off

Not feeling up to a full post tonight.  Just wanted to share some recent pictures!

Drew had his first real bath last weekend.  We waited a bit longer than normal because his cord fell off early and his belly button took a while to heal.  Of course Ava was right there helping too!

Look at him gripping the side! (and also trying to find something to suck, hahaha)

After bath time, we just relaxed.  And yes, Ava is in her swimsuit, which she has taken to wearing a LOT lately for some reason.

Tummy time!  Picture courtesy of Jeremy while Ava and I encouraged Drew to lift his head.

Another picture by Jeremy...and the only one I have (besides cell phone shots) of just Drew and me.  THAT needs to change!

Tomorrow is Ava's third birthday party and honestly?  I'm not looking forward to it.  :(  Baby blues have got me down and I haven't put as much effort into this party as I would have liked.  I know it will be fine, Ava will have fun with her friends, and she doesn't need tons of decorations or games to play...and in fact, she really doesn't need this party at all.  When I told her about it, she said, "It's my birthday AGAIN?!"  We talked about it and I asked her how old she was now and she said, "Four."  I corrected her and she exclaimed, "Three AGAIN?"  So...if we'd never had a party, she wouldn't have known the difference.  Problem is, *I* would have known and there wouldn't have been a picture for her baby book, which goes up to 5 years old for birthday parties.  Mommy guilt.  Hopefully I feel better tomorrow...