Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Things You Probably Like That I...Don't...Like

For some reason, I've had this list in my head for quite a while.  I feel that I'm a pretty average person, but when I compare things that the majority of people like to myself...well, there's quite a bit of difference.  No matter how popular or how big a part of our culture these items are, I just can't get excited about them. 

Let's get to the list, shall we?

1. Dave Matthew's Band

I honestly do not get the following for this band.  I have never been to a concert, so I suppose I can't comment much about that particular experience, but it just blows my mind that people spend money to go to every show when he's in town.  It's...a guy...who sings...with a band...and instruments.  Nothing spectacular in my mind.  If I hear a Dave song on the radio, I usually change it.  Sorry, diehard fans.  I just do not get the popularity of DMB.

2. Adele

While we're on the topic of music, I also don't get the sudden large following for Adele.  I immediately change the station if I hear one of her songs on the radio.  Too slow, too depressing...her voice just doesn't do it for me.  Give me some Mariah Carey over Adele any day.  (Can't wait to get slammed for this one...ha!)

3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

I love Starbucks...but I usually stick to my tried-and-true favorite, the mocha.  Every fall when they bring back the pumpkin spice latte, I get one, hoping that maybe, just maybe, it will taste good this time.  Nope.  The initial taste is actually fine, but after swallowing, you're left with an awful taste in your mouth.  I guess it's the pumpkin spice syrup they use.  I just can't get past that aftertaste!  Blech.

4. Apple Pie

A classic American favorite that is nowhere near my list of faves.  I will eat it.  But I will not love it.  I'm not a fan of cooked fruit in general, so this pie just doesn't do it for me.  I'd much rather have French silk.  Mmmm, chocolate.

5. Prime Time TV

Grey's Anatomy...Desperate Housewives...The Office...So You Think You Can Dance...American Idol...Mad guessed it - I don't watch these shows and countless others that air each evening between 8-10pm.  During that time I am usually finishing up editing photos, reading in bed and then going to sleep.  It's not that I don't enjoy TV...I just put it at the bottom of my list.  I'd much rather waste my time online anyway!

6. Sports

I am so flaky when it comes to sports and sports teams.  When I was a cheerleader in high school, I was behind our basketball team 100%...of course, it helped that they went on to become State Champs.  I've watched Colts games and cheered along with fans in rowdy bars.  But overall?  I just don't get excited about sports.  I'll never be a diehard fan, I'll never watch every single game, and I'll never put any time or effort into a fantasy team.

7.  Road Trips

Please, give me a plane.  I hate being in the car for more than a few hours to get somewhere.  It makes me tired and achy.  I don't care that it saves money, I don't care that you can stop and see interesting things along the way...I'd much rather get on a plane and reach my destination as soon as possible!

8. Harry Potter

Not once have I picked up one of these books.  Not once have I watched one of these movies.  I simply just don't have the desire.  Twilight, I finally got into.  The Hunger Games?  AWE-SOME!  But Harry Potter?  Nope.  Sorry.

9. Frosting

A lot of people think the best thing about a birthday cake is the frosting, but I find that many cakes have WAY too much of it and it's WAY too sugary.  It makes me feel sick to my stomach.  I always choose the piece with the least amount of frosting possible.  No roses, balloons or edge pieces for me!

10.  Hatred of Snow

I know there will be some who agree with me on this one.  I don't get people who live in climates where it snows and each year, they gripe and complain as soon as the first flakes begin to fall.  Maybe my stance would be different if my job wasn't affected by the snow.  Too much snow means a delay or closing, two things I love to hear!  Plus, I just love the quiet stillness at the beginning of a snowstorm...the big, fat flakes slowly swirling to the everything seems to become more beautiful from a blanket of white.  I have always loved the snow.  And hey, if it's going to be cold in the winter, it might as well snow!

What would you put on your list of "most people like these things, but I don't"?  I may just agree with you! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


As yet another of my spontaneous "Let's Do Dinner!" emails was shot down with complaints of too much work to do or needing to run errands or what-have-yous...Kelle Hampton yet again wrote exactly how I feel, in a much more coherent and beautiful way.

Friendships are easy to maintain when you are still in school because you see each other every day.  In college, if I needed company or someone to vent to or a shopping trip buddy, all I had to do was walk down the hall and I'd inevitably find one, if not more, willing participants.  Now that we are all married or have moved away or have kids, it is simply MUCH harder to maintain the closeness that was felt when a friend was just a few bedroom doors away.  It makes me sad because it does not have to be this way...yet it is.  And why?  Why do we drop everything for our spouses, kids, families...but not our friends?  How can we expect to nurture a friendship when it's put toward the bottom of the to-do list?

I'm sure I haven't been there enough for some of my friends.  I, too, am guilty of putting other things first on my list.  And maybe it's just the pregnancy hormones speaking, but it really does get to me when friend dates and girls-only nights are so few and far between.  It makes it even worse that Jeremy does not seem to have this problem with his friends.  They exchange a few texts and meet up for racquetball four times in one month.  They have Monday night Dexter-watching dates.  They plan outings just a few days in advance and it never seems to fall through.  Why is it not like this between my friends?!  How is it possible for men to maintain friendships better than women?!

Tonight is not the first time I have felt this way.  It's been eating at me slowly but steadily over the course of the past year or so.  Our entire group of friends gets together now and then, but what I crave is girlfriend time.  Leisurely, laughter-filled dinners, spontaneous coffee dates, shopping trips, weekend get-aways.  We've had them before, so why can't we bring them back?  Make plans for these things more often?  I've tried, I really have.  But being the "planner" 90% of the time gets old - especially when the plans fall through or never get off the ground to begin with.  I just don't know how to change this.  Seeing my friends only about once a month is just NOT enough for me.

If you and your core group of girlfriends maintain a steady flow of get-togethers, please share!  HOW do you do it?  Or, if you feel that you're in the same boat as I am, share that too...and maybe next time, you and I will grab a coffee together instead of feeling sorry for ourselves.  :)

/end of pregnancy-hormone fueled blog post