Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's Best For Her

The timing of Ava's birthday and baby #2 is...well, it's not ideal.  Ava's birthday is February 21.  The baby is due the 24th.  Seeing as how labor is completely unpredictable and each baby is different, I have no idea when this little one will make his or her appearance.  It has caused some stress about when to do a birthday party for Ava and exactly how many people to invite. 

Think she's making her invite list?  :)
But I had to step back and think: what's best for her?  I want her party to be about her.  Not let me see the baby, let me hold the baby, goo goo ga ga BABY!  Ava should be the main focus of her own party, right?  So, I've come up with a plan that I think is probably the best solution under the circumstances.

The party date is set: March 3.  It's obviously a week and a half after her actual birthday, but she's not going to know that.

If Baby comes before Valentine's Day, we will have a big party with family and friends.  It gives everyone at least two weeks or so to come visit, see the baby, and then truly focus on Ava during her party. 

If Baby comes after Valentine's Day...we are just going to do a party with a few of Ava's little friends.  Small, easy and kid-focused.

For some reason, I am feeling like a protective mama bear these days.  I know bringing a baby home is going to rock her little world, and although she seems to be excited right now, I'm not sure how she'll feel when reality sets in...

She does take good care of her baby dolls though!
I just want to make sure that Ava is the center of attention at her party.  I also don't want a house full of potentially germy people with a tiny one or two week old baby.  So...decision made.  V-Day cut off it is!

And in case you're wondering, whether we have a big party or a small one, the theme is: purple.  Yep.  Not Dora.  Not princess.  Purple.  I've asked her several times what kind of party she wants and she always says purple

You got it, girl. 

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